A New Page: Taking Steps in Another Direction

I’m set with posting a new page for the short stories collection I’ve done. . .and one that is growing. You can see it up top on the navigation bar as The A.B.Normal Publishing Short Stories Collection.

As I said prior, I am on the fence with essentially. . .starting over with having one site dedicated for writing and such, while the other will be for publishing works. It’s that fine line in which can be blurry; alternatively, the grey area, I suppose. It’s something that needs to be done though.

Truth be told, I never wanted to get in to writing, nor did I have the passion for it. It was a daunting task for English, and I disliked the academic course something pretty fierce. However, that all changed when I began to write as a therapeutic practice, and well, just for the hell of it. One very long story short, here I am, writing—mostly to a very small audience, but hey, I know I am not the only crazy person out there. 😉

These steps I am taking, hoping to shape and form something bigger. . .not only for myself, but for other people everywhere. . . My friends, there are great plans that I have for us all, and I intend to bring many with me on this (in a sense) pilgrimage. I say so because in all sense, it is one. It is enduring, it’s not easy, it’s practical. . .but testing, and so much more. You can spend your days praying to win the lottery and never win, because you never bought a ticket. . .or you can spend your days praying to win the lottery jackpot and have bought the ticket. Taking a chance is many things, and well. . .this one I am taking a big chance on. Mostly I am doing so for myself, but the perks are alluring as well.

To be able to say that I am a writer, even among my friends, is a great thing. It’s something I also take seriously, because I am putting myself in my works. While I know I am no King, Koontz, Tolkien, Lovecraft, Asimov, Sagan, Lewis, and so on. . .I do believe I share the passion, similar ideology, and damn do I have ideas.

I hope to continue to share great things with you all, and to grow in many ways. If that means starting from scratch in one area and relearning along the way. . .so be it. I hope you all join me for one hell of a trek.

Wishing everyone well. . .




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