Initiate Migration Sequence 02

Robert J. S. T. McCartney doing some writing and WordPress shenanigans.

Really? Yeah really. . .

Ah, yes. The wee hours of the morning. Where 3 AM creeps up faster than a serial killer that’s stalking their next prey. ‘Tis the life of a writer! At least I have my Buckethead Playlist to keep me company and entertained. [Yes, I know there are doubles, iTunes has crashed on me so many times it’s not even funny.] I am really loving Pike 65 right now, and I have some that I need to put on the computer from my trip to the Detroit concert.

Part of a massive Buckethead playlist, featuring Pike 65.

Pike 65. Such feels.

So, the process has begun…again. I’ve taken down some of my works, but they’re still accessible via old links, but that will change in the upcoming days. Some will be going through touch ups, and beautification, while others will not.

I have to keep telling myself to not give a damn about the “likes” or if any traffic comes and visits either site, because I am doing this for myself first, and then everyone else. No, I don’t care about if there’s money generated. If anything, I’d want to have it go back to the people…as in, if I really get cranking and start to take submissions to publish, distribute, I’d rather it benefit the folks and keep on growing.

I know some say that I may dream too big, but I do more than just dream. A lot of famous folks didn’t get their big break until further along in their lives. Am I destined for that? Who knows…but one two things are for sure. I need a haircut, and also some sleep. The other things are that I need to keep at it and make something from nothing since I am actually pretty good at that. There’s a life story to go with that, but that’s for another time.

Bottom line is that I hope whoever reads these tales, poems, stories, etc. I hope you enjoy them, and that I at least entertained you for a little while. I always welcome suggestions, feedback, and the occasional hangout, where pizza and cold pints are served.

Until next time.



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