Here I am

So, it’s been some time since I last did an “update” of sorts. There are all kinds of things going on here behind the scenes, and honestly, it’s all making me tight in the pants.

A.B.Normal Publishing will be having its updates for The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God as well as The Chronicles of Bob, The Chronic Suicidal coming up fairly shortly.

I said before that I was taking into consideration of doing Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle as a crowdfund. However, as to which site platform, well, I am still debating that. I will be testing out another side project (a story that is) that will be coming soon. More on that later. Hint: it’s not going to be a romantic comedy, happy story, nor have a happy ending.

I also wanted to add that in part of the crowdfund fun, I will be releasing the first book for free alongside Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle. To be fair, it could be counted as a supplement to Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle, due to further character development, history, other characters, etc. However, it’s far more than just a “couple of pages.” It’ll be released first as an ebook, and then the other formats will follow shortly thereafter. I will gladly share more details about it as it gets closer to unveiling everything.

Of which, this leads to my next fun bit of news. I have the cover for Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle complete. This particular cover is different than anyone has seen, and it will only be for the ebook and paperback editions. I have a surprise in store for the hardback edition. I’d also like to find out if some would be so kind to, divulge what they’d like as rewards from the crowdfund, or even the release itself. I have some ideas but I don’t want to be. . .typical, if you know what I mean. So please, by all means, if you have an idea of what you’d like to get for backing me, let me know.

I am sure some of you have seen the header with the triangle and my name and all the fun there. Yeah, that’s me. Over on A.B.Normal Publishing, we’ve changed the logo too, which you can see on the Facebook page. I haven’t exactly found a theme I was thrilled with, so, patience is my virtue. Once I do, then you’ll no longer see the old Poker card logo. Things change. Like rolls of toilet paper.

It’s a daunting task but to hell with it. I am enjoying it and that’s what matters. Trust me, folks, when I mean I say I am only getting started, I mean it. One example, I have a 600+ page story drafted up, with 20+ double-sided pages of outline left. That’s not even the tip of the iceberg. Forget overtime, we’re going for the throat! So, grab a seat, strap yourselves in and prepare for an adventure. It’ll be bumpy but I invite you all along for the ride. You don’t even have to take a chance with me. Go ahead, sit in the back and watch. I’ll do my best to bust a move and then some.

Everyone, have a nice weekend and stay safe.



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