Slow Down, Speed Up

So it begins…

What I mean is that the short stories are going to be at a slower output, since I will be prioritizing the novels to get done. Although, there is one that I want to get done before too much time passes. In any case, you’ll be seeing fewer posts of short stories and maybe more posts on updates, Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle, and some other titles.

There will also be the posting of the Kickstarter for Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle along with the rewards for each tier. I’d like to make it a bit unique and sentimental, so I am trying to add something else I am quite partial to.

I’m happy to have it done. However, I need to go through a round of editing and then get in touch with a designer for the hardcover edition…since I want that one to be special. I will be unveiling the paperback cover real soon. It was a project that I enjoyed writing and producing, and I can’t wait to bring more stories to the hands of people all around the world. I know I can’t please everyone, and that’s fine, I expect it. There are quirks with something and about something every day that goes on, and books, along with movies, music, etc. are no stranger to the daily shenanigans of criticism.

I enjoyed writing it and doing it, that in itself, is good enough for me. Honestly, I never thought I’d get it ready for publication, let alone have the desire to share a story with the world. I hope folks enjoy it for what it is and look for the clues, references, friendship, and everything put into it.

Spoilers: it’s not the first in the series, and it won’t be the last. So, if people are to be disappointed, then by all means, be so. If they’re excited now that there will be a continuation…great!

When the time comes, I’d gladly take requests of what people think of certain characters, implementations and all the fun, great fan service. Just to get a feel of what people are craving. 😉

Honestly, though, I’ve had the book play out as a movie in my mind for several years now…and that is something I’d love to see come to fruition. To which, all I can do is try and apply. You can’t quit on your dreams, and you certainly can’t quit on the chance of inspiring others.

That’s about all for now, folks. There’s writing to be done! Until next time.



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