The New Entertainment Series

Hello, folks.

So, shortly after posting my update on my future titles and such, some of you may have seen the new entertainment series on A.B.Normal Publishing, Johnny Nightwalker.

This series is going to be a different approach on superheroes and also the struggles of a grieving young man…namely Johnny. Without going into too much of the details, so as to not spoil the fun for those interested in it, it’s going to go from one extreme to the other. Some will probably love it. Some will hate it. However, that’s the point; one extreme to the other, because that’s what happens when you have emotions, raging hormones, and traumatic events that occur in your life.

You’ll also meet some interesting characters, read some savory…and unsavory dialogue. This story was originally supposed to be penned as a comic; however, that will come at a later date. Perhaps if/when, I get an artist. To which could be the same for the Bear God and Bob. Small steps. Small steps…

I do hope that those who have taken a gander at it have enjoyed the first bit. Don’t worry more is coming, and it’s going to be an interesting story. Have a good day and rest of your week.



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