Getting Fit…

With Fignuts!



Fallout Pip-boy inspired watch face.



Hello, hello.

So, I’ve been doing this ‘being better’ thing where I work out and eat better. In my first two weeks of cleanse and such, I lost 25 lbs. I started out at around 375 / 376 lbs. I am a suburban bear that loves food and beer. Yogi and I would get along great; however, I don’t like picnic baskets much.

As such, weight loss is great, and it also makes you feel great. So, while I eat better, drink more water, and crank out the jams (aka workouts), I am hoping to drop the weight at a steady rate. During all that, though I have to keep up on the writing too.

My wife got me a new Samsung Gear Fit2 or as I have dubbed it…Fignuts. It’s been pretty great and definitely¬†more useful/reliable than the Jawbone I had. No buttons to push for sleep mode, I can control the music on my wrist, send/receive calls, etc. Good stuff. [Plus it’s wearable in the rain, or while sweating my balls off.]

As such, I decided to pair up “Sammy” and “Fignuts.” They talk a lot. Especially, when one of my timers go off or I get a call/text notification. It’s alright, though. Oh, and it charges so quick.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to work it.



T’was one of my workouts. The other? Vacuuming and cleaning.



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