Get Reacquainted. . . Get Reintroduced. . . With The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God

What happens when you are on the verge of becoming an alcoholic, get drunk, and play Fallout 4? Well, you get an idea. . .

I got this. . .and it is one of my favorite ideas I have ever had.

A.B.Normal Publishing and Media Group

A project that started out like any other—a concept, an idea. Something to write about to pass the time. Something fun. Something out of left field for me.

Thus, the concept of The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God was conceived on a night of a drunken stupor filled with beer, pizza and a head full of ideas. Originally, he was just to be a Druid (from the World of Warcraft universe) stuck as a giant bear, roaming through the Wasteland. Stirred from hibernation/a spell that was cast on him, at first you’ll him be “#savage” and ruthless. Time will go on and you will start to see the evolution of things.

You will notice a few things right away. Like for example, The Maker, or the obvious breaking of the Fourth Wall. It is a series that incorporates pop culture, commits incest, adultery, injects steroids and other drugs, wins…

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