Bored and Tired of Fishing? The Wasteland Bear God Did That. . .Once.

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Actually, I’ve fished more than once, but I was referring to Johnny Dangerously.

Fishing has never been too interesting to me—in reality, or in a video game. I’m not dogging it, oh no, it just doesn’t appease me. I have patience and I get that you might like being on the water, nature, etc. It just isn’t for me.

Every expansion of (WoW) World of Warcraft that comes out, I dread having to level up fishing because it’s so damn tedious. At that point, I rather catch a real fish with a buddy, have a few beers, and be on a lake. . .but I’ll pass.

So, while I was running through Fallout 4, I came across a fishing hole. There were a few folks there, Raiders. They didn’t take too kind to me being in the area, and as such—hostiles engaged.

I loved traversing the Wasteland with Dogmeat as…

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