The Diary Evolution: Quotes and Timestamps

The raunchy escapades continue with this assessment and in-depth look at another diary entry. Follow on for more shenanigans!

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Continuing on with our lovely deep dive of literature assessment, detangling, desensitization, but mostly the exploration of The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God. Today, we are looking at the quotes used and timestamps of episodes.

Some have a witty and quirky quote. Some were natural, in the fact that I just let whatever come to my mind and post it. Alternatively, I would just analogize it to something perverted, dirty, and raunchy. That was originally what the series was to be about: a raunchy and dirty bear that traveled the Wasteland on a mystic quest. Actually, he didn’t even have an end game plan. It was all about just writing and posting. That’s it.

I thought I could do a day by day kind of deal. Eventually, I decided against it and to just tell a story (as you’ll see in time).

This entry follows a parody of The Raiders…

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