Ideas. . .

Oh no, I am not looking for any.

It’s a constant recurrence I have, where I will get constantly inspired to do certain projects. It could be a person, a place, a thing. . .anything. As such, since I’ve been mulling around a few ideas for some stories while doing these commentary posts about The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God I figured, why not?

So, I am whipping up an outline for ease, laying down the rubber mat if I want to trim off some fat, and a lovely machine that will pierce the skull the words written. I’m excited, really. It’s going to be gory, messy, and wild. . .free. . .untamed.

You see, I love horror. I love the darkness. You can find so much light in it and find a lot of release in it. It’s probably one reason why I love the night. . .and also dislike it when I go to sleep. Well, there’s also the anxiety but that’s a different issue. It’s just a lot of fun making folks cringe, shudder, and the same. Especially, when they read something you wrote, look at you, and go “what the hell were you thinking?” You can’t help but smile.


I am aiming to get these out as short stories or otherwise relatively fast. Maybe this weekend or next week; it depends on the time. I have some other posts I want to do, which should be up tomorrow.

However, preemptively, I will wish you all a great weekend, and safe travels.

Until then. . .




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