When Bob Goes to the Market. . .

Here we are looking back on Bob, the Chronic Suicidal, and his actions and thoughts on one of his many trips to the supermarket. It’s a revisit to Bobbo in this segment.

A.B.Normal Publishing and Media Group

Hey, folks.

Here we are taking a look back on Bob’s trip to the supermarket. While exploring this. . .route. . .I had an idea of a story. It’ll probably start out as a short story and then expand, as I continue to add to it.

This was the third episode in the story, and where Bob’s suicide compulsion and good samaritan nature crossed paths. When I did these parts, I wondered [when I was returning some soda bottles at a store] what would it be like to get your hand and arm mangled by the bottle machines? I also wondered what would it be like if you could gorge yourself to death. I mean, really gorge yourself. The fact that Bob is a diabetic kind of also makes a ton of shit rain on him on this fiasco. Then, there’s him just being a naturally good person. . .for…

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