Unnatural Selection: When Your Characters Just Won’t Take a Clue. . .and Die.

Writers are gods among men. We create, destroy, maintain, make peace, and so much more. This entry of The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God explores that aspect a bit. . .and then some. 😉

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Good morrow, folks.

Today, we’re taking a dip in our heated pool and reflect on this Diary of The Wasteland Bear God entry titled The Death of a God. . .

So, as I said in the previous entry I was exploring the route of destroying my character and either just killing him off, or going the way of Hollywood and rebooting him. This entry explores a conversation between The Maker and The Bear God and The Bear God’s excessive request for a resurrection.

Some writers often struggle with killing a character off. It can be a villain, a hero, a nobody, a dog, anything. My friend and co-author, Al Debusschere, had a villain that was refusing to die when he was writing a dystopian story. The result was the guy kept coming back, more and more machine-like. Eventually, he was killed and we all celebrated his demise—especially, the heroes.


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