What is a Suicidalist’s Purpose in Life? Bob Finds Out.

Continuing on with bringing back Bob, the Chronic Suicidal. The conclusion of a four-part entry.

A.B.Normal Publishing and Media Group

We’ve reached halfway through our revisit of The Chronicles of Bob: The Chronic Suicidal.

Once the revisit of the story concludes, there will be another mention of it being made available on Amazon Kindle, and soon thereafter, in print formats. More details will follow with that.

So, Bob has killed someone, despite his best method of self-control, which resulted usually in his own death. Believe it or not, but things are going to turn darker for our suicidal vigilante.

He goes looking for answers regarding the knife that has come into his possession, let alone what the hell is happening. As luck (or chance) would have it, he finds someone who willingly gives him answers. Then everything that can go wrong does. He finds out some truths that come at a heavy price, and him having to pay and play the game of chance of waking up once more.

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