The Suicidalist’s Guide to The Fourth of July: Going Boom!

Bob’s back. . .kind of. It’s the 4th of July Special that was conceived out of wedlock.

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Hello everyone and welcome back to today’s revisitation to The Chronicle of Bob: The Chronic Suicidal. Today I wanted to share the Fourth of July Special I had drafted up.

Bob experiences suicide with fireworks, grilling, and other shenanigans. The ending, however, is a touch of where Bob begins to feel the lessening effect of his suicidal. . .power.

This entry was pretty much written on autopilot. I sort of let Bob take over and say what he wanted to say and do. Ha. “Channel your inner Bob.” If you also are wondering why I chose the name Bob, well I can answer that for ya easy. You know the memes going around that say “Be like Bob” or such? Boom. Mind. Blown. Plus I felt it was appropriate. And I am a Bob as well, so again, more fitting.

This two-part entry is not necessarily canon to the story…

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