So Does The Suicidalist Swing. . .

Last Bob post for this week. Wrapping it up next week.

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When I wrote this “episode” I was listening to Monsters of Folk. I largely write while listening to music, in fact, I always do. Right now, I am listening to Morphine — Cure for Pain, which is about to wrap up. . .and go into The Misfits — Teenagers From Mars. A dramatic change really, but I love music.

I borrowed the title in reference because of a few reasons—mostly personal, but I don’t mind sharing them. It’s a beautiful song for starters, and I like the group. Mostly, though, because of the melancholy feel of the song. The dramatic ups and downs; relationship, love, loss, such as life. When you are searching for a reason, anything, any reason at all. Why do we exist? What purpose do I serve?

“Why?” seems to be a repetitive question in the sense of it all. Why do we die? Why death? Why…

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