When a Suicidalist Loses Everything: Vengeance

A.B.Normal Publishing and Media Group

Welcome everyone, to another evolution writing visit with Bob, the Chronic Suicidal.

We are nearing the end of our beloved suicidalist’s adventure. We went from all out chronic suicidal impulses to murdering a rapist, to some bank robbers, and well. . .Bob is about to experience something far worse than anything he’s experienced yet.

You think that getting some bad news is bad, right? How about some horrible news? Like the life-ending kind. Alright, now take that and add on a little something more. His family is everything. Despite Bob having taken his own life and hindsight being 20/20, he’s got some regrets. The biggest was leaving his family behind.

Our suicidalist turned vigilante is saved from death and taken to a hospital. He discovers a few things about himself, and his family. This is where things change dramatically. Up until now, he did what he did for himself. Now? Well…

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