Writing (R)Evolution: A New Arc for Our Heroes

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Good day, everyone.

Welcome back to another episode of Writing (R)Evolution with The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God.

So, our heroes return to their “normal” life. Ha. Nope. They can’t do normal, not now at least. So what does that leave for them?

Well, I can’t exactly say what yet. . .but let’s just say it involves Resident Evil. I mean, I enjoyed having a cross-over mashup of Star Trek with Fallout and WoW. Sure, there are aliens in Fallout, but when you combine TNG and Original Star Trek? Fun stuff.

I am happy with how things progress. It’s still raunchy in bits, witty, asinine, hysterical. . .but it’s in good fun, and I would like to think better than what it once was. Thus, the evolution of The Bear God and Friends.

Join us next time for more savage sezchuan secret sauce.


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