The Writing (r)Evolution: Evolution and Transformations

Monday shenanigans. Today’s coming up in a wee bit.

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Hey, folks.

So here we are, back once again with another Writing (r)Evolution, with a revisit to The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God.

In this episode, (or entry, whatever you want to call it) we have the clash of titans: Albrecht Wesker, the Crimson Tyrant, and Ben, our beloved Mirelurk friend. Now, the reason why I gave Wesker the title of The Crimson Tyrant is mostly because of Tyrants have that lovely fleshy color…not really because of that, but because of Crimson Heads! Ah, yes, Crimson Heads…where the zombies get sent into a frenzy at the scent and taste of blood, become evolved into a fast moving, rage on your face, ripping you apart beasts. You gotta love Resident Evil, folks. Even if it’s to love to hate it. Also, Wesker. I mean, if I have to spell it out about Wesker, and why Wesker…I don’t know if we…

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