Writing (r)Evolution: Small Town vs The Big City

Eyyy, Tuesday. *Fonz stance*

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Hey, everyone and welcome back to the 30th episode of The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God. This episode marks the near-conclusion of the Crimson Tyrant Arc, with tomorrow’s entry being the last.

So, yesterday, we had the evolution of Ben and transformation of Albrecht go down. Today is the battle and long pause after a good fist exchange.

There isn’t really much to go over. It’s just a lot of action and snide remarks.

There was a tower in Fallout 4 that (if I remember correctly) imagined would be a good spot for something epic to happen. . .but nothing ever did. It’s been awhile since I had played it. As such, I eventually broke away from using any Fallout 4 points of interest later on. It just became an imaginative beast of its own.

Also, yes, the title is named after the Journey song in reference. Thus, why…

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