Announcing a New Limited Mini-series Project: Teaser

A new project that I will be doing. It’s going to be a rather enjoyable experience (as always).

A.B.Normal Publishing and Media Group

Hey, folks.

It’s the start of something new and I wanted to share it with you all. What is it? Why, it’s a new, very limited mini-series project based in the same universe where Lilah, Dana, Walter, Lynaly and others all dwell within.

While this might not follow the details of demons and the supernatural, this particular tale will follow one man’s demons that dwell within.

Starting off, Dana has a confrontation with a man who has committed many atrocities against society. Dismemberment, killing, raping, savagely beating people; men, women, children, and a slew of other violent crimes. William “Wild Bill” Moseley is perceived as pure evil incarnate.

Bill is kept in a state maximum prison outside of New Boston, MA. With the man being captured and having been brought to justice, it seems the public can rest easy. His death sentence made, all the evidence in order… what could go wrong?

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