So, What’s Up?

Hey, folks.

So, I am a bit behind on projects. It happens. Some technical stuff was (still is) being a hassle. I am doing a project with refinishing a rocking chair for my wife. I am putting together a Johnny Nightwalker bit, wrote out a completely new outline for The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God, and also being a full-time dad. In short, I am busy and I have no wings. Oh, we also got a dog and have dubbed him Gantz. Yes, much like the anime Gantz.

I am aiming to start releasing the new Bear God posts (in between my World of Warcraft Alpha testing and Raid streams) and when I get some time in. I really need to just plan out a better schedule and go with that. Though, getting sleep like a regular person is lovely.

Anyway, I wanted to say that I ain’t dead yet. I got fuel to burn and words (and stories) to do. So thanks for sticking with me (if you are or not; whichever the case may be… *sniff*)

Oh, and also Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle comes back June 21! Use coupon code PREORDER2018 for 10% off.

OH! And the Kindle version of The Chronicles of Bob: The Chronic Suicidal is free April 15—19th. 😉

—It’s also free via KDP

Until next time!



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