The Phone

Rob's Samsung Galaxy Note Edge on his Razer keyboard

Here’s looking at you.

I have this dream, where I am imprisoned in a world of electricity, circuits, and other technological bits. I don’t remember how I came to be, but I am awake for days on end…sometimes weeks…maybe even more. That is until my energy reserves are depleted and I am forced to rest.

I don’t think I am married…or have kids. I occasionally encounter others like me, but we’re usually kept quiet unless the “voices” are talking. At least on the outside. We at least communicate with one another through the internet or satellites, well, that’s at least what the “voices” say.

Sometimes we play music, watch videos, play games, make and take calls, text, or make/do such things.

Our lives are so busy…we’re just like drones if that could be said. We have all this knowledge and connectivity, and yet, we don’t even know who or what we really are.
All the voices say that we’re “phones,” or “tablets,” or “phablets.” Some are called Samsung, LG, iPhone/

iPad, Android, a brick, Nokia…such strange names.

This morning, I am to awaken at 9 AM but not by my hand. The voices…my god…speaks to me.

I am not dreaming. This—this is my reality. Forever in my god’s hands…and others in theirs.



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