The A.B.Normal Essential Collection

So I mentioned that I was doing a short story and more collection. Well, here is that very collection of short stories and poetry I have done so far. They range from anything with such genres as Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy—to list a few. There will be more added, and some will only be exclusives hosted here.

Some of these stories come in a series of their own, while others are glimpses into other series.

You can check out the Entertainment Series on A.B.Normal Publishing, where I write The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God, The Chronicles of Bob: The Chronic Suicidal, and Johnny Nightwalker.

Thanks, and happy reading!


Short Stories

Flash/Micro/Nano Fiction and Twitterature



…and more!

Hey! Did you know you can get a copy of the anthology Abnormal Side Effects for free? It hosts some of these works, plus the never-before-released novelette The Crystal Manor’s Secret by clicking here. — RJM


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