What’s Up?

Hey, folks.

Some may be wondering what I’ve been up to (while others may not and that’s alright too).

Well, in short, I continued to take a little break. I’ve still been working on material and content for Abnormal Publishing but I also been doing it a lot less rushed state. A lot has been going on with life, the death of my father, managing weight, health, family, etc. Writing, while it’s my passion and such, it’s just a side project that I enjoy and do what I can when I can. Now that the kiddos are doing full-time school that opens up some time to help squeeze some juice in to sate what I want to get done.

I am also waiting patiently for 2020 to come around because I have a lot of what I have been saving to just unload all over put out for folks to read. There are also more stories planned and a new universe that was created that I am sure some people will enjoy. I am also looking to expand the story of Bob, the beloved suicidalist, and even Walter and Dana’s adventures. There is a trove of new characters, stories, and settings to go that I have to probably convert it to an Excel spreadsheet.

There is also a (nearing) 1K page epic post-apocalyptic tale that will need to be chopped, diced, and then its remains pureed into fantastic results. You don’t want to skip right to pureeing. Especially when it comes to the sauce.

There’s also a new (and final) season of The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God coming. Trust me, folks, it’s going to be a helluva send-off and good that it ends this way.

Also, this Halloween (10/29/19 — 11/2/19) The Chronicles of Bob: The Chronic Suicidal will be free, with proceeds from hardcover and paperback copies going to suicide prevention charities.


You can also download or purchase a paperback copy of the urban fantasy novel Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle.

That’s about it for now, so check back early and often for news, updates, and what my shoe size is.

Until next time,



The Return of a God-King: Season Two of the Bear God is Coming

Originally posted on Abnormal Publishing.

Darkness. All that there is—is darkness.

Then a pale light emanates above something—or someone.

The camera comes close and reveals the silhouette of a figure. A sexy figure—in armor and fur.

The camera then pans up and reveals the sexy beast to be The Bear God wearing night vision goggles. He pulls them off and gives a toothy grin.

“Kept you waiting, huh?”


The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God Logo

Some announcer guy pops in randomly.

The Bear God sighs. “Woah, woah, spoilers man. Come on now.”

“Sorry, Bear God. I’ll let you *sniff sniff* take over.” Random announcer guy runs away sobbing uncontrollably knocking things over like a noob.

“Can someone go check on Ray? I think he’s butthurt for no reason…again. Right, let’s get on with the show.”

A fire erupts in the fireplace, lighting the room in a soft, warm glow. The Bear God puts on a silk pajama robe and sits down in a luxurious recliner, and sips on an alcoholic drink or whatever the hell it is he’s drinking.

“I know what you’re thinking, ‘Sin, where have you been all this time?’ Well, folks, I am here to tell you that I’ve been busy. Busy doing other things in life and well, living in itself is pretty damn busy. So, sure, we got to Episode Two of The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God and things kind of…dropped off.”

“Like a dingleberry. You’re known for those.”

“As I was saying, some books were being written, a seasonal outline made, and well, the old man upstairs apparently has a lot of things he wants to get done.”

“Like your mom!”

“Ooh, so cool, edgy and new. You really struck a nerve with me there, Maker.”

The Bear God rolls his eyes.

“Do you think normal folks can differentiate between knowing when someone is talking, compared to the script-like description that is also italicised?”

“One can only hope. I mean, it’s been this way for quite awhile. Plus they’d know it’s one of our styles if they bothered to read anything by us, or picked up The Chronicles of Bob: The Chronic Suicidal, The Lodestone Files: Book One and TwoLilah’s Guide to Hoyle (due out June 21; it’s getting touched by another publisher. We’ll see how that turns out.). Anyway, so we’ve had this…break…I guess. However, we’re looking to get back into the game and swing of things. At most, we’ll probably be a once a week kind of deal. We have the Alpha to test out and well when it comes to that sort of thing we’re pretty adamant about criticising. Granted, things may or may not get through when it comes to feedback, but that’s not my boat.”

The Bear God drinks his drink and fills another magically out of thin air. MAGIC-AH!

“We’ve come a long way in a short amount of time. While we weren’t gone indefinitely, we know there is a long, long cliffhanger. Granted, it’s not as overdramatic as some other works, a lot of filler has been cut, and the action/story was allowed to keep on chugging that bottle of Oxycontin. Really, folks, it’s going to be a great show. We are going to have new forms, like this super roid rage form I get, with my armor on it and shit. Ah, man.

The Bear God squirms in his chair and tries to not moan uncontrollably.

“Hoo, I feel sorry for whoever is going to have to clean that up. Ah, back to business at hand. What is the purpose of this segment? Well, for one it’s to say I AM BACK, BABY! I am also bringing the whole gang with me. Two, it’s also to say that I can do whatever the hell I want when it comes to making adventures happen. Three, we’re still working on artwork, something to really showcase my beauty. It’s pretty awful when you went from being able to draw for many years…to a long time of not drawing. The pain…and the stick figures. Ugh. Pitiful.


“Yeah, you should. You are just a horrible person, and you do horrible things, and you should feel ashamed of yourself.”

“I have zero fucks to give. What about you?”

“And that’s why I love ya. Platonically. Is it wrong to love yourself?”

“We’re sexy, and we know it.”

“Damn right. So there you have it, folks. We will be getting back on with Season Two, maybe a movie, some platonic 69 photoshoots, and then it’s off to Season Three. We will also be working on getting the stream up so we can show off our bits and get flagged for pornography and laugh about it in the office. I advise you to stay tuned and bring some lube, and maybe a towel.”

“You’ll get hit in the neck with a hacky sack, folks. Deathticles. Fear them.”

“Exactly. See you all soon!”

The room fades to black, save for the fire still burning in the background.

“Why did I get a minor role in this? Like usually I do all the talking, and then you do the minor quips. This one felt dumb as fuck.”

“Ain’t my fucking problem—sounds like a you problem.”

“You’re a cunt. Grade AAA.”

“Yeah, we know.”

“See you in the shower.”

Random announcer guy comes in and does a surprise narration. “STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS, NEXT TIME ON WASTELAND BEAR GOD XYZ! Oh, we’re still recording? TURN THIS SHIT OFF ALREADY!”

Last time on The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God: End of Season One [Part One] and Part Two.

Season Two Premiere Episode One Part One and Part Two.

What Have You Been Doing?

Hey, folks.

I know it may seem like it’s been awhile since I last posted or shared much, aside from a brief post here and there. Well, there’s a lot going on. . .

Also, you may notice the site changes here and on the publishing site. Well, there are still changes going on. I never got around to finally doing that migration bit I was on. . .as much as I thought I had done it. So I am going to be doing that, posting more material (writing related) here and I’ll be reintroducing The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God here as well.

I have a ton of things I want to get done. So as to not overwhelm myself and cause my anxiety to rise up like Vader on a stretch bed, I am going to tackle it slowly, thoroughly, and well. . .I may suffer a bit but I can deal with that. Other things take precedence. Like right now, I need to throw some clothes on and take Aeris, my second princess/cub to our fun day spot.

I invite you all to get reacquainted with the Bear God, Johnny Nightwalker, or The Chronicles of Bob: The Chronic Suicidal, maybe sign up for the newsletter, check out the urban fantasy novel, Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle, dive into some other books or just browse. Whatever the case may be, the winds of change are blowing hard in my sails. Hoo!

Chat again soon. 😉


Here I am

So, it’s been some time since I last did an “update” of sorts. There are all kinds of things going on here behind the scenes, and honestly, it’s all making me tight in the pants.

A.B.Normal Publishing will be having its updates for The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God as well as The Chronicles of Bob, The Chronic Suicidal coming up fairly shortly.

I said before that I was taking into consideration of doing Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle as a crowdfund. However, as to which site platform, well, I am still debating that. I will be testing out another side project (a story that is) that will be coming soon. More on that later. Hint: it’s not going to be a romantic comedy, happy story, nor have a happy ending.

I also wanted to add that in part of the crowdfund fun, I will be releasing the first book for free alongside Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle. To be fair, it could be counted as a supplement to Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle, due to further character development, history, other characters, etc. However, it’s far more than just a “couple of pages.” It’ll be released first as an ebook, and then the other formats will follow shortly thereafter. I will gladly share more details about it as it gets closer to unveiling everything.

Of which, this leads to my next fun bit of news. I have the cover for Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle complete. This particular cover is different than anyone has seen, and it will only be for the ebook and paperback editions. I have a surprise in store for the hardback edition. I’d also like to find out if some would be so kind to, divulge what they’d like as rewards from the crowdfund, or even the release itself. I have some ideas but I don’t want to be. . .typical, if you know what I mean. So please, by all means, if you have an idea of what you’d like to get for backing me, let me know.

I am sure some of you have seen the header with the triangle and my name and all the fun there. Yeah, that’s me. Over on A.B.Normal Publishing, we’ve changed the logo too, which you can see on the Facebook page. I haven’t exactly found a theme I was thrilled with, so, patience is my virtue. Once I do, then you’ll no longer see the old Poker card logo. Things change. Like rolls of toilet paper.

It’s a daunting task but to hell with it. I am enjoying it and that’s what matters. Trust me, folks, when I mean I say I am only getting started, I mean it. One example, I have a 600+ page story drafted up, with 20+ double-sided pages of outline left. That’s not even the tip of the iceberg. Forget overtime, we’re going for the throat! So, grab a seat, strap yourselves in and prepare for an adventure. It’ll be bumpy but I invite you all along for the ride. You don’t even have to take a chance with me. Go ahead, sit in the back and watch. I’ll do my best to bust a move and then some.

Everyone, have a nice weekend and stay safe.