The Writing (r)Evolution: Evolution and Transformations

Monday shenanigans. Today’s coming up in a wee bit.

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Hey, folks.

So here we are, back once again with another Writing (r)Evolution, with a revisit to The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God.

In this episode, (or entry, whatever you want to call it) we have the clash of titans: Albrecht Wesker, the Crimson Tyrant, and Ben, our beloved Mirelurk friend. Now, the reason why I gave Wesker the title of The Crimson Tyrant is mostly because of Tyrants have that lovely fleshy color…not really because of that, but because of Crimson Heads! Ah, yes, Crimson Heads…where the zombies get sent into a frenzy at the scent and taste of blood, become evolved into a fast moving, rage on your face, ripping you apart beasts. You gotta love Resident Evil, folks. Even if it’s to love to hate it. Also, Wesker. I mean, if I have to spell it out about Wesker, and why Wesker…I don’t know if we…

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So, Where Are You This Week?

Boop! Sometimes the best vacations are the ones you take close to home. Rawr!

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Hey, folks.

Just doing a brief update. There will be no posts this week. It’s a staycation and well, it’s well deserved. So, I am spending it with the missus and cubs, and we’re all having a blast going ’round to places.

Things will resume next week (unfortunately…ish) where we all have to go back to work and stuff.

So, enjoy yourselves. Stay safe. Take care.

Until next time (or rather…week),


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The Writing (R)Evolution: If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It.

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Hey, everyone.

If you’ve followed up until now, congrats, you’ve seen [well, read] almost 30 episodes, er, diary entries of The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God. It’s been a great, fun, adventurous, titillating ride. At least, doing the whole “Writing (R)Evolution” bits.

I am going to go to 30 and then stop doing them. They’re cliche at best. I’ve told and shown what the story has evolved from, is going to, and so on. Doing recap posts is like doing highlight episodes and well, you can do them only so much before you want to stick your finger in an electrical outlet. Don’t do that by the way.

Anyway, this is The Crimson Tyrant Arc. If you haven’t guessed yet, this is when I decided to fuse Resident Evil (another of my favorite series) with this series. What better way than to genetically mutate a being that was created…

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In Remembrance of Our Beloved Suicidalist: The End

The last episode/end of The Chronicles of Bob: The Chronic Suicidal.

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Well, folks, here it is.

Episode 13, the last episode of The Chronicles of Bob: The Chronic Suicidal. All the suicides and lives taken by Bob have led up to this very moment. Bob has a chance; a choice to make. Will he kill an innocent person just to go back to his family? If he does, is it for real? If he doesn’t, does he die permanently? These are some choice questions we have for our beloved foul-mouthed suicidalist.

While this marks the conclusion of the story of Bob, there will be a print copy becoming available this year (2017). Either late Summer or Fall will be the release. We shall see. As for Bob? Well…read on.


The Chronicles of Bob: The Chronic Suicidal

Episode 13 – The End

Bob looked at the strange man, “Alright, I’ll do it.”

The man smiled, “I knew you would see…

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I’m taking a day off. Ha. Thats funny…

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Hey, folks.

It’s Monday…again. I had some things I had wanted to post up, but I had more important things to do. As such, it never came, since I was exhausted.

Monday is here, and it’s been busy outside of the writing world. I’ll be taking the day off to prepare for the final post for Bob; and doing this new story outline I have an idea for…

There will be another Diary of The Wasteland Bear God post. I’m thinking of canceling anymore “writing r(e)volutions.” Sure, they seemed fun… to me. Not many care for the mashup series, so I’ll just go back to posting I can, of I can. I think I’ve given enough ample look into how that series has come to be/evolved.

Johnny Nightwalker… that’s what will be next. Then, it’ll be the book. I have other titles I want to get out. I’m debating if…

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The Scientist and The End of All Things

The Scientist and The End of All Things

By Robert J. S. T. McCartney

He sat in the chair for a while now. He hadn’t moved much since he was told the news. He didn’t want to believe it. He couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t much of a surprise, so to speak. The nightmares had been increasing lately. The pain of loss was too real, and he didn’t—he couldn’t handle that now.

He was so close. So close to being able to correct the neurological damage that had been done to his daughter years ago, a taxing result from the car crash. The seizures were relentless and had been unforgiving. It wouldn’t matter now, though. Still, all he wanted…was to watch his little girl walk and to hear her tell him she loved him. Now? Now he felt he never would.

“Mr. Colley, I am afraid I need to have you clear the room. We are experiencing an abnormal increase in trauma situations and are in need of grievance rooms. I do apologize for asking,” said the male doctor.

Mr. Colley nodded and sighed heavily, running his fingers through his black hair. He sniffled and wiped his eyes occasionally. It still hurt.

“You’ll want to get her affairs in order. It…it won’t be long now,” the doctor said sympathetically.

The doctor’s words cut him to his very soul, and such, as he walked out into the hallway, he collapsed onto the ice cold tile. Hospital personnel and people rushed around him. He felt alone. So alone in the eye of the hurricane.

“You need to get a grip, John. You need to be strong. Not for you, but for them. So what if they said she’ll die soon. If it were you, what would you do?”

I’d go out swinging. I wouldn’t roll over and go quietly to my grave. 

”Then find your balls, John. Dig deep and find your fucking balls, get up, and get back to the lab. Finish it. Who cares anymore?”

You’re right.

John got up off the floor and with purpose, left the hospital in haste.

John worked tirelessly in his lab. He had phoned his wife, letting her know of his sudden departure from the hospital.

He had a purpose. He needed to be vigilant. He knew no one else would exactly understand. His methods were unorthodox; a controversy in the States. Stem Cells. These, though, were engineered through biological manipulation and engineered with nanomachines to help speed up the brain’s recovery; and accelerate the development of new healthy cells. They repaired damaged tissues, reconstruct damaged nerves. A dream made a reality.

No testing had been done though. At least, not in humans.

John gathered up the syringes and made his way back to the hospital. His daughter would be administered the doses at the safety of the hospital. Just in case. After all, he had signed all the waivers and disclaimers.

“There’s a high probability that this won’t work, John,” warned the woman doctor.

“At least I’m giving her a fighting chance,” snapped John.

The doctor sighed. “Sometimes it’s better just to let go.”

“Not yet. Not until she’s old and had a chance to live.” John replied sternly.

“What about those that die young? What of them?”

John’s eyes were fixated with purpose as he administered the first dosage. “They were not in my hands. I cannot fight for everyone.”

After several weeks, the administering of the treatment was a success. The Occupational and Physical Therapists and her parents watched her walk on her own. Cognitive function dramatically improved. She had become much more independent and self-sufficient. John was beside himself.

The world and the universe, though, saw otherwise. War was on the horizon. Tensions were rising and meeting an unthinkable end was beginning to become more of a reality. No peaceful resolution could be reached. No side could give way to diplomacy. Civil war would begin to break out. A revolution would begin. The people had had enough.

As John watched the news with his family he knew the end would come, sooner or later. That, even in the marvel of science, he had only prolonged time.

Borrowed time…

John worked tirelessly in the nights. He had fancied quantum physics, space and time for a long time. He had an idea. It might prolong the inevitable but at least, at least he could spend whatever time that this device, this idea could grant.

Time stop isolation. At first, he thought just to his home. Then he thought his town. Then he decided the world. If it as all going to go to hell, he’d at least let some of the other families have extra moments.

On the Day of the End, John gathered his wife and children.

“I love you,” he told them all and hugged them tightly.

“I love you, daddy,” his kids told him.

He cried tears of joy. Ever since having heard the words for the first time from his oldest. He never wanted to take them for granted, let alone be her last. She had made so much progress. So much to live for. Now, now it was the end of all things, all things humankind.

The bombs were fired, dropped, set to explode. John pushed the little red button, initiating the time stasis field all over Earth.

The bombs never went off. Time and the Earth stood still.

Eventually, the universe had begun to collapse. A long passage of time went by. The ultimate end came and went in the blink of an eye. A beautiful and merciful death of humankind in the light of a glorious dawn. The contagion, contained and isolated, just like he wanted.

The End

The Writing (R)Evolution: The Continuation of the Mashup

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Hey, everyone.

Welcome back to another revolutionary, evolutionary writing visit to The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God. So, get pumped, get jacked, get soaked, because it’s about to get heavy and go off.

In Fallout, there was a virus that was used to help create the Super Mutants: the FEV Virus or Forced Evolutionary Virus. Imagine, combining that with some Resident Evil goodness. That sounds a bit interesting, right? Nothing like some gene splicing, zombie brain eating, T-Virus inhabitants visiting our beloved Wasteland.

Now, this arc isn’t as extravagant or flashy as the “Star Trek” one, but it is pretty damn entertaining. As the story progresses, characters will evolve more and more; physically, mentally, and become stronger. You could say they’re all secretly part Saiyan. Ha! But no, really, I make fun or do nods to almost everything but the kitchen sink. I suppose I can do one of…

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The Suicidalist and the Chance of a Lifetime

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Hey, everyone.Today marks the 12th episode of

Today marks the 12th episode of The Chronicles of Bob: The Chronic Suicidal. It’s bittersweet, really. I hope those who have followed along with its reintroduction are enjoying the ride. If you haven’t then, well, you can always start back over or something.

Episode 13 marks the end of the adventures of Bob. Maybe for now. Who knows? Well, I do. . .but. . . Remember, I will be putting a book about Bob out soon. The details will be in the very last post.

So, the Man with the Red Right Hand has come to Bob with an offer. He [Bob] can either accept the terms and go back to his old life, or he can be defiant and live the way he is now until he eventually is absorbed into the Void.

The truth is, there is a far greater…

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Writing (R)Evolution: A New Arc for Our Heroes

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Good day, everyone.

Welcome back to another episode of Writing (R)Evolution with The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God.

So, our heroes return to their “normal” life. Ha. Nope. They can’t do normal, not now at least. So what does that leave for them?

Well, I can’t exactly say what yet. . .but let’s just say it involves Resident Evil. I mean, I enjoyed having a cross-over mashup of Star Trek with Fallout and WoW. Sure, there are aliens in Fallout, but when you combine TNG and Original Star Trek? Fun stuff.

I am happy with how things progress. It’s still raunchy in bits, witty, asinine, hysterical. . .but it’s in good fun, and I would like to think better than what it once was. Thus, the evolution of The Bear God and Friends.

Join us next time for more savage sezchuan secret sauce.


The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God Logo

The Diary of the Wasteland…

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The Suicidalist, The Priest, and The Man With the Red Right Hand

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Hey, everyone.

Well, here we are with Episode 11 of The Chronicles of Bob: The Chronic Suicidal. 

Bob has gone to church and is hoping to find respite. He’s never been one for religion, having given it up a long time ago. Here he speaks to a blind priest who offers to hear his tale of woe. After a lengthy conversation, the priest and Bob depart.

Enter the Man with the Red Right Hand. He is neither evil nor good. He is just a guide that is neutral, with the potential for both such things.

What offer does the man have for Bob? What will happen next? You’ll find out soon enough. The end comes for Bob next week, and well, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I wanted to end the series at 13 chapters, for references and other reasons. I’ll just shut up though and let the rest…

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